We are looking for experienced logistic specialists!

2018 02 08

Have you been annoyed in your work?

Have your colleagues distracted your customer?
Choose to work in accordance with your standards and earn the salary corresponding to your abilities!

We are to offer an attractive job for the perspective logistic specialists, who want to challenge themselves in business and become their own bosses. We are the curators of large logistic projects in Lithuania, therefore we are looking for the specialists who have been in logistics for some time and who see themselves in this area and are able to join to our professional team.

There is an increasing number of initiative and professional specialists who are looking for an opportunity to work for themselves, however, the tax burden, bureaucracy or the fear to lose old reliable connections with the customers or partners often does not allow to reach for the aim.  Therefore, we offer to try working for yourself with no risk.

The benefits of logistics services to companies

2017 11 10

Both small, large and economically viable companies engaged in the sale of goods would be hard to manage without logistics services. Whether it is just warehousing or export to foreign countries, there is always a need for individuals who organize and control any processes for their transportation and access to customers‘ hands. Development and growth often faces the key issue: does the company need a logistics department or may this task be entrusted to transport companies. So this time, let’s discuss the benefits of logistics services for business?

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